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The orthopedic spine surgeons of Herniated Disc Surgery Specialists of NYC (Manhattan, NY) accepts a number insurance plans for orthopedic spine surgery (including revision spine surgery). If you have healthcare insurance, many health care benefit plans provide “out-of-network” medical and surgical benefits for their members.

  • Virtual or office consultations offered.
  • Your insurance may cover your orthopedic spine surgery surgery.

With out-of-network benefits, members are entitled to payment for covered expenses if they use specialized doctors and other health care professionals outside of the network. We will be happy to contact your health insurance on your behalf and assist you in filling out and filing all the paperwork.

  • If we do not participate with your insurance plan, our office staff is frequently able to obtain pre-authorization from your insurance plan based on the uniqueness of our board certified orthopedic spine surgeon’s specialty.
  • We will contact your insurance company to understand your benefits and additionally submit them for you.
  • You will enjoy the luxury and benefit of academic medicine in a top rated concierge environment without the hassle of long hospital waiting room times and paperwork.
  • Most insurance policies reimburse patients for most of the cost of spine surgery.
  • Our surgical coordinator will help you with a quote and patiently answer any questions that you may have.

Insurance Verification

After you submit the below information a member of Herniated Disc Surgery Specialists of NYC will contact you and discuss your insurance coverage with you within 24 hours.

You will enjoy the luxury and benefit of our best in class individualized treatment protocols customized to your unique herniated disc. We offer the finest in academic medicine in a top rated concierge environment without the hassle of long hospital waiting room times and paperwork.

To minimize concern about your insurance or financial responsibility, our Billing Staff will be happy to assist you with any questions during your consultation.


In addition to an office-based consultation, we offers remote consultations to patients and medical professionals anywhere in the world. Please contact for details.

Exceptional patient care is a way of life for the doctors and staff at Herniated Disc Surgery Specialists of NYC. We tailor your care around you and will give you the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing you’re in the best possible hands for spine surgery in NYC (Manhattan, NY). Please read some of our reviews.

It is the Ivy League board certified orthopedic spine surgeons of Herniated Disc Surgery Specialists of NYC’s commitment to our patients that has earned us the reputation of being one of the New York’s top orthopedic spine surgery practices. Herniated Disc Surgery Specialists of NYC specializes in taking exceptional care of each patient from the initial consultation to the final surgical outcome. The honor and privilege of caring for patients comes with the responsibility and dedication of the doctor’s staff to the utmost standard of excellence in patient care and final surgical outcome.

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