Best Orthopedic Spine Surgeon in NY

“I highly recommend Dr. Sean McCance as the best orthopedic spine surgeon in NY and as one of the best doctors it has ever been my experience to encounter. His skills and meticulous surgery are well known to his fellow doctors and those lucky to be his patients but in addition he is a man of ethics and honesty. You can safely put yourself in his care. Dr. McCance saved my life. I had an injury from a wrought iron fire-pit falling on my head on 12/31/2006 in a store, injections didn’t work, I was suffering and the pain was getting worse over the years from herniated discs and radiculopathy; I was prepped for a one level spinal fusion when Dr. McCance came in to see me before surgery for his final exam before going into the OR. After a final short exam, he decided that he wanted further tests done, he wasn’t happy with the MRI and wanted to be sure of the exact areas to be done. Here i am six months later, 3 level discectomy with fusion and no longer in pain and i can do things i haven’t been able to do in years. Dr. McCance has the patients best interest at heart. His hands are a blessing!! This is a man you can trust to do the best for you.” ~ Google

“AMAZING! I did roughly a decade of back breaking delivery, moving jobs in my 20s. The whole time lifting with everything except my knees, unwittingly putting intense pressure on my lower back. Last year all of a sudden I had pain shooting down my left leg causing discomfort and pain while walking, standing still or sitting down. XRAYs and MRI showed a severely herniated L5-S1 disc causing compression on the sciatic nerve — never heard of Sciatica until then. I was recommended to see Dr. McCance and oh man, I’m glad I did. Of course, I did my research on him and was thoroughly impressed, so much so I didn’t even consider a second opinion. I have ZERO regrets! Staff was friendly, answered all my questions and the process was painless. Dr. McCance performed the microdiscectomy and within the week after surgery, I was pain free. Now 2 months later, my walk is back to normal and no pain! I HIGHLY recommend Dr. McCance and his team. Best outcome I could’ve hoped for and I got it!” ~ Google

“Dr. McCance saved my life. I had snowboarding injury in Jan 2019 which got worse in June, injection did not work, I was suffering from herniated disc, feeling pain in hip and leg during sleep, barely able to walk until I met Dr McCance, who cured my colleague. During first examination meeting in August, he explained my issue and the procedure very clearly. He managed to scheduled MRI and health check as well as Microdiscectomy procedure on my L5S1 disk within a week. Waking up from surgery, I can walk and the nerve pain relieved. Dr McCance, his assistant doctor Ryan and his team were super helpful and very responsive with my questions during my recovery. I walked back to office in 3 weeks without any pain. 4 months now, I am back to normal life. I have been recommending Dr. McCance to all my friends who have back issue. He is the best!!!” ~ Google

“I recently had a five-year post-surgery check-up with Dr. McCance. I shared with him that he “saved” my life. And he did! Dr. McCance operated on my “anterior cervical decompression fusion” of C4 through C7. The compression between the spinal discs had been causing painful pressure to my head and weakness down to my arms. The symptoms were so severe and chronic that I was no longer able to lead a “normal” life. Yet, the surgery to insert titanium in my spine sounded scary. Dr. McCance and his staff took the time to explain the procedure in great detail and share with me what to expect. I was assured by the professionalism, thoroughness and attentive care of Dr. McCance and his team. The surgery was a great success. His team was meticulous in every step before and after the surgery including arranging for several pre-surgery medical tests and follow-up care. I was able to fully resume an active life within few months. These days, I am unaware of spine related pains most of the time. When I think of how my life was before the surgery and how it is now, it’s no exaggeration that Dr. McCance gave me back my life! I am incredibly grateful for the exceptional care I received.” ~ Google

“I am 64 years old but very active. Play softball regularly and touch football. Out of nowhere, I couldn’t walk 4 steps without writhing in pain. I thought I was done being athletic. L4 L3, ruptured disk! Dr McCance operated and I did the PT religiously. I now have no pain, no loss of strength, and I feel like I did about 10 years ago. I can run fast 🙂 I am so so grateful. He is a great surgeon. I have a few friends who had spine surgery and sadly, it didn’t work out like it did for me. I highly recommend Dr. McCance. :)” ~ Google

“I feel like a new person. Bad lumbar stenosis; herniated discs; just a mess; unable to walk. Everyone around me was amazed at how fast I bounced back from having spinal fusion. Unfortunately I need cervical surgery as well; but I’m not worried having Dr. McCance hands performing this; I’m okay. Back to having a life! Wonderful WONDERFUL Man!” ~ Google

“I’m leaving this review so that everyone will make sure that they have a consultation with Dr. McCance – even a second option – before committing to another Dr. I’m a former patient that has had neck fusion and back fusion done separately by him. I’m fully recovered and have no more pain at all because I elected to use him as my surgeon and did exactly what he told me to do to recover! He has changed my life forever! His staff is also the best especially Nessa will help you answer any questions you have about your condition to make a consultation with the #1 surgeon in NYC!” ~ Google

“I don’t have the words to express my sincere gratitude to Dr. McCance for what’s he’s done for me and my family. I was suffering from random twitches in my arms, and numbness in my left hand. Having suffered the loss of my mother in December, I wasn’t really focusing on what was the real root of the problem. But I was not feeling well and more anxiety was setting in. When I was referred to Dr. McCance, he recommended a C4/C5 anterior cervical fusion surgery upon viewing my MRI of the spine. He pressed upon me the urgency of the station and that it needed to happen fast. His surgical director worked with us with the finances not covered by our insurance and made it clear that my health was their first priority. Safe to say- 2 months later and I’m so glad I had the operation. The symptoms are fast subsiding and I’m feeling like myself again. A huge thanks to Dr. McCance and his caring team!” ~ Google

“I write this 3 months after posterior lumbar fusion L4 L5 and having just finished my first Run since my injury. I am a masters CrossFit athlete, distance runner and avid rower . I was injured in September 22 while deadlifting. After months of pain and other doctors telling me my athletic career was over , I found Dr McCance . After one set of X-rays and a video consult with Dr. McCance I decided to move forward with surgery . I can not emphasize the professionalism and courtesy of Dr McCance and his ENTIRE staff !! They go to the utmost lengths to make the process stress free. I had surgery Jan 12 ,2023 at Lenox hill hospital NYC. I woke up post surgery pain free and strength back in my leg and foot . I was home two days later and off all pain meds in 4 days . I followed Dr McCance’s recovery protocols to the letter. I went from walking 2 minutes per day to 5 minutes to 30 min to 3 miles to over 5 miles a day . Lyndsey his PA-C was ALWAYS available if I had questions or concerns. So here I am 12 weeks out and I just completed my first run . Dr . McCance and his whole team gave me back my athletic lifestyle. I can not thank them enough for all they did and continue to do for me .” ~ Google

“Dr. McCance did revision spine surgery on me  corrected two fusions that a different surgeon worked on——these previous fusions failed to fuse to the bone and were considered “loose”. In my search for help it led me to his office. I had surgeries in the first half of 2022 and I can now walk, sit, rollover in bed, cough, sneeze, stand from a seated position significantly better than I could before…when people see me they are amazed at the change in me. These improvements to my quality of life are due to the work of Dr. McCance and his dedicated team. I recommend that you meet with him and give him an opportunity to discuss your spine issues, pain, etc., because he provided an option to me that changed my life for the better. Thank you for reading!” ~ Google

“I chose to wait a few months before I wrote this review, to see if any complications would arise, to be sure I was doing a fair and accurate review. Well I have waited 6 months and here it is. Working as an FDNY firefighter , I was injured as reclaimed timber shelving landed on top of me while performing duties. Immediate pain turned much worse as the days went on, resulting in the feeling of electric shocks running down my arm, along with sharp pains each time I turned my head. Long story short, I had a herniated disc pressing against my spinal canal. Dr. McCance and his office explain to me my different options, and I chose to have my cervical spine fused. From the moment I woke up, the shockwaves on my arm were gone. Within a few weeks I was up and about, and now I have no pain due to the injury. Recovery was so well, that I play golf on a regular basis now (at least 3X per week). Dr. McCance was very happy to see how quickly I was coming along, and still took the time each and every post operation visit to go over all my concerns. I would strongly recommend him, even if you think you have a treatment plan, as an option or even for his experienced opinion. See you on the course……??” ~ Vitals

“Had severe muscle weakness in one leg caused by a herniated disc. Dr McCance did a laminectomy and the next day I could feel some improvement. After a few months of physical therapy and other activities my leg strength is almost normal. He and his staff were amazing and I would highly recommend him for his surgical skill and reassuring manner” ~ Vitals

“I was referred to Doctor McCance with a severely herniated disk that lodged against my nerve. I could not walk or stand. The entire staff was supportive and accommodated me in every sense, and the laminoplasty spine surgery itself was well articulated, scheduled and performed, with detailed follow ups to ensure proper healing. Within six months I was 100% back to my normal, active self as a early 40s male runner and fitness enthusiast. Doctor McCance has a rare combination of An honest, thoughtful and warm bedside manner coupled with technical ability – I was lucky to have him and recommend him enthusiastically.” ~ Vitals

“I’ve had neck pain (herniated discs) since around 2005 and always struggled through with a mixture of pain meds, PT, rest, pillows….you name it. Last summer 2017 it started to get much worse to the point my right arm had terrible pain in it and I was losing strength, my fingers on my right hand were going numb and the pain in my neck was excruciating, so I decided I had to see someone urgently. I searched “best neck spinal surgeon in NY” and Dr. McCance’s name continually came up. I called Dr McCance’s office on the Monday and saw him the next day and organized an MRI and X rays for the following day. Once he saw those he advised I could try more of the same of what I was doing, but he felt that surgery was the best option. He took his time to explain that I needed 3 level ACDF surgery. He operated on me within approximately 3 weeks of me first seeing him and I am now around 9 weeks post op. While I have some way to go yet, the pain in my arm has gone, as has my neck pain and I have feeling back in my fingers again. I’m starting PT soon and I’m feeling very positive and hopeful that the worst pain is now behind me and I’ll be much better than before. I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. McCance and his team. His team are all extremely polite, attentive and very professional. Special credit goes to the ladies on the front desk and his patient coordinator who went the extra mile to help me with appointments at a very stressful time, and his PAs that called me at home after the op on Thanksgiving when I needed advice on pain management. It was a good reminder that there are still people that will call when they say they’ll call, and do what they say they’ll do. If you have serious neck and back issues and need to see a doctor, or you need a second opinion after seeing other doctors, then I thoroughly recommend seeing Dr. McCance.” ~ Vitals

“I returned to Dr. McCance, having undergone a previous surgery (for a different issue) in 2000. This time, I had a large piece of herniated disk sitting on my Cervical spinal canal. Very painful, very debilitating. When we mutually determined that I needed lumbar decompression surgery, Dr. McCance fit me into his schedule immediately. I awoke from surgery and instantly knew that the surgery had been successful. As I told one of the PAs, I feel 200% better — beyond expectation. Dr. McCance, is both kind and a very straightforward person, which I appreciate. And of course, results matter above all. I would recommend him unreservedly. I also find his staff to be knowledgeable, respectful and helpful.” ~ Vitals

“I am a 28 year old female who went to see Dr. McCance with severe sciatic pain. I first underwent a laminectomy. This helped the pain but the disk re-herniated. I was now unable to walk or ever stand up and was taking very strong medications just to get through the day. Dr. McCance then suggested going through with the spinal fusion. I am so happy that I went through with this procedure. I am now 99% pain free. It has been about 6 months since my surgery. At about 3 months after surgery I started running again and going back to my yoga classes. Now you would never be able to tell I had back problems. The flexibility in my back and legs is better than I can remember. Dr. McCance and his whole team really helped me get back to a healthy, normal life. And I will never have to take that horrible pain medicine again!” ~ Vitals

“I was suffering from right leg pain and pain in my lower back. Pain was all the time. I was diagnosed with L4-5 herniated disc. Physical Therapy and chiropractor’s treatment did not help. Dr. McCance did surgical procedure-right L4-5 laminotomy discectomy. Pain is gone, I feel like new person, I can walk for hours. Thank you Doctor.” ~ Vitals

“Dr. McCance is by far the best. I spent many years in pain. Went to many orthopedic spine surgeons and pain specialists, but never relieved of my pain. Was very afraid of having surgery, due to the horror stories that I’ve heard and the bad surgeries, that I have seen people experience. Was recommended that I see Dr. McCance by a friend, who is a Dr. who said he was great. Very happy I did. Dr. McCance did a 3 level spinal fusion on my lower back and 4 level fusion on my neck. With wonderful results, I have full range of motion of both upper and lower back and neck. I now live a pain free life. I am riding my horses again, sleeping through the night, free of migraines, and most of all, able to enjoy everything that I had lost for so many years. I thank him tremendously for his talent and kind being. I highly recommend him to everyone I know. Oh! By the way, his office staff are awesome, very patient and are there for you every step of the way. Thumbs up to Dr. McCance and all of the staff at Spine Associates.” ~ Vitals

“Dr. McCance operated on my lumber spine (Discectomy and Laminectomy). Three weeks after surgery my back feels great. My leg feels 90% better (no pain, but I had severe nerve issues and the remaining 10% is expected to heal in time). He is an extremely knowledgeable and professional. The same goes for his excellent staff. While no one wants to have back surgery; if you needed it, Dr. McCance is an excellent person to have the surgery.” ~ Vitals

“I had seen 3 doctors and all had the same opinion. Therefore, it was up to me to choose the doctor. I choose Dr. McCance because he seemed the most anal and detail focused. RESULT 100% no pain the day after the operation. It is only 2 weeks today after microdiscectomy, but as of today w/o pain. After a year of solid pain, i was given the best gift you could ever want.” ~ Vitals

Exceptional patient care is a way of life for the doctors and staff at Herniated Disc Surgery Specialists of NYC. We tailor your care around you and will give you the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing you’re in the best possible hands for spine surgery in NYC (Manhattan, NY). Please read some of our reviews.

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