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Herniated Disc Surgery Specialists of NYC frequently performs micro-discectomy spine surgery. Our board certified orthopedic spine surgeons perform discectomy surgery to relieve pain in patients with a herniated disc (also called a slipped or ruptured disc). Surgery for a lumbar disc herniation is called a micro-discectomy or discectomy. Discectomy surgery may be needed when a patient has a significant or progressive weakness in their lower extremity, which can be attributed to a disc herniation seen on imaging studies.

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I highly recommend Dr. Sean McCance as a surgeon and as one of the best doctors it has ever been my experience to encounter. His skills and meticulous surgery are well known to his fellow doctors and those lucky to be his patients but in addition he is a man of ethics and honesty. You can safely put yourself in his care. Dr. McCance saved my life. I had an injury from a wrought iron fire-pit falling on my head on 12/31/2006 in a store, injections didn’t work, I was suffering and the pain was getting worse over the years from herniated discs and radiculopathy; I was prepped for a one level spinal fusion when Dr. McCance came in to see me before surgery for his final exam before going into the OR. After a final short exam, he decided that he wanted further tests done, he wasn’t happy with the MRI and wanted to be sure of the exact areas to be done. Here i am six months later, 3 level discectomy with fusion and no longer in pain and i can do things i haven’t been able to do in years. Dr. McCance has the patients best interest at heart. His hands are a blessing!! This is a man you can trust to do the best for you. ~ Google

In a micro-discectomy, an orthopedic spine surgeon removes a portion of a disc. Depending on the type of disc problem contributing to your herniated disc, the surgeon may recommend either of two discectomy surgery procedures:

  1. Micro discectomy is performed under general anesthesia. Through a small incision in the back, the NYC board certified orthopedic surgeon first performs a laminotomy , which removes a small amount of bone and ligament from the back of the spine in order to see the spinal nerves. Once the herniated disc is found, the disc fragment is removed along with other fragments that may cause symptoms.
  2. Minimally invasive discectomy (Micro discectomy) may be an option for some patients with a herniated disc. With this spine surgery, the orthopedic surgeon uses special instruments and a camera to remove the herniated disc through very small incisions. A minimally invasive discectomy can have similar outcomes to micro discectomy, and is applicable in certain cases depending on anatomy.

Lumbar micro discectomy surgery is usually performed as an outpatient surgery, meaning patients go home the same day. Most patients will quickly experience some, if not complete, immediate relief of the pain that was radiating into their leg. Lumbar discectomy is one of the most common surgeries that our NYC orthopedic spine surgeons perform. Most micro discectomy surgeries are performed with general anesthesia.

Lumbar discectomy is one of the most common surgeries that our NYC orthopedic spine surgeons perform and is generally considered low-risk. Most discectomy surgeries are performed with general anesthesia.

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It is the Ivy League board certified orthopedic spine surgeons of Herniated Disc Surgery Specialists of NYC’s commitment to our patients that has earned us the reputation of being one of the New York’s top orthopedic spine surgery practices. Herniated Disc Surgery Specialists of NYC specializes in taking exceptional care of each patient from the initial consultation to the final surgical outcome. The honor and privilege of caring for patients comes with the responsibility and dedication of the doctor’s staff to the utmost standard of excellence in patient care and final surgical outcome.

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